The Rescue

4 Hostages. 60 Minutes. 1 Chance to save them.

The Story

You’re a team of FBI agents who receive a tip that the notorious madman has 4 hostages being held captive in a basement cellar.  During the sting operation to save them, you’re team unexpectedly walks into his latest deceptive scheme. Can you save the 4 hostages…and yourself? Let the games begin!

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The Rules of the game are simple...

4 surveillance monitors lie before you displaying the hostages desperately seeking your help to escape a madman’s grip. The first task: save them by solving the tricks and clues in the basement cellar. Once you have successfully freed each hostage, they will, in turn, help you to escape!  If you fail to save them, your team becomes his next victims. Can your team escape the hands of a madman before 60 minutes hits? Let the games begin…

Your Role

 Your team must work together to solve the clues and riddles to obtain the final key to escape. Put on your FBI detective hat and get ready to dissect a madman’s schemes. Perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed…Life is so precious.


# of Participants: 2-7 participants


Age Appropriate: recommended for 10+ (Not appropriate for children 9 and under)

Watch Vanessa of Married at First Sight in The Rescue.

**The clues/answers shared on the program are false and won’t help you in your pursuit to outwit Jigsaw.