Escape the 80s

It’s 1980-something and tonight you and your gnarly team of super freaks have made the VIP list to the party of the century. You’ll need to complete the challenges, solve the riddles and beat the DJ before you find yourselves Trapped in the 80’s FOREVER!

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Your Role

Grab your Aqua Net, lace up your high tops, and moonwalk back in time! The 80s is considered the best decade for music, movies and games…and this escape room offers just that!  If your occasion calls for a birthday party, a totally tubular date night, or your next awesome corporate team building activity, prepare for an unforgettable adventure! 


The Gnarliest Dance Party of the 80s. Escape or be stuck in the 80s forever.

Play the Role:

Come as your favorite 80s celebrity personality to add to the fun

# of Participants:

3-10 participants

Age Appropriate:

Recommended for 7+

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