Are you an avid gamer?  Self proclaimed thrill seeker?  Pure adrenaline junkie?  Or are you simply the smartest person you know and looking to prove it?  If you think you’ve got what it takes to not only escape alive, but in record time, then we invite you take a break from the virtual world and test your skills in real life.

Room Escape Atlanta provides high-level games, hidden clues, ciphers and tests that will challenge the skills of even hard core gamers.  In fact, only about 30% of teams manage to escape our room within the 60 minute window!  Put your intelligence to the test, challenge your senses, find and solve the clues hidden away in nooks and crannies throughout the room, all while carefully keeping arms distance from the brain eating zombie!  Book your session today and get ready to prove you’ve got the brains, the skills, and the focus to beat our best session times and earn a spot on the wall!