Looking for something new and exciting to introduce to your weekly family night?  Want to take a break from the bar scene and add some adventure and adrenaline to social life?  Then you have to book a session at Room Escape Atlanta!

ROOM ESCAPE ATLANTA brings to life the mental challenges and adventure of an online escape game, the pressure and focus of Minute To Win It and the sleuthing skills of Sherlock Holmes packed into 60 minutes of pure fun and excitement.  Between the dwindling time, the slew of puzzles, and the hungry zombie this is one outing guaranteed to create pulse pounding, mind racing, adrenaline flowing fun for the whole family!  Come with your family and again with friends. Every time will be just as exciting since each session evolves differently based on the dynamics of the group’s personalities, skills, and past experiences.  Prepare to see a different side of your team mates as you work together solving riddles and racing against the clock to escape!

Our zombie is there as an added obstacle to raise the stakes and is not meant to be scary.  So it’s definitely an activity the whole family can enjoy (all ages)!  One of the best ways to make a long lasting memory is to do something out of the box!  We promise you an immersive experience packed with ample amounts of mental stimulation and laughter into your 60 minutes.  Book a session and see if your group has what it takes to find the key and escape without being “eaten!”

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group-outings escape the room atlanta

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