“Criminal” Minds, a theatrical, puzzle-driven experience that transports patrons to a 1950s jail scene amidst the controversial  conviction of a young  man wrongfully accused of a crime. 

Your task is to decipher the scene to understand his innocence and gather the appropriate clues to vindicate him of the crime. While monologues and ballads help to tell the story, and key evidence proves his innocence, the questions you will continuously ask yourself is “What is a criminal?” and “What is justice?”

Important: This experience is NOT a traditional escape room. It is a fusion between a murder mystery and escape room and is quite a dynamic experience of its own! It is held in our sister location, Clues and Cocktails bar. 

About Clues & Cocktails:

It’s time to turn yourself in Inmate! Lucky you, this prison will serve you the best cocktails in Atlanta while you continue to try and argue your case. Our sister company, Clues and Cocktails, is an immersive experience-driven bar presently designed after an old 1950s style prison. They offer dinner, cocktails, and most of all, an amazing experience!

Their featured experience, “Criminal” Minds, is a one-of-a-kind theatrical, puzzle-driven production where guests have the chance to solve clues to potentially change the outcome of the story.

The city is raving about this new concept and we’re pleased to partner with them to offer it!


314 Auburn Ave, Atlanta GA 30303

For Corporate Groups and Birthdays call: 404-390-3285

*Disclaimer: Criminal Minds is not a product of Room Escape Atlanta. It is only promoted and advertised on our website. If you have any questions, please contact Clues and Cocktails at 404-390-3285