Imagine playing a game of your favorite pass time, Darts….but with axes. That’s exactly what our partners at Lucky Axe Throwing Atlanta are doing, but with a twist.

Axe Throwing is the newest and hottest live entertainment game. It’s simple: Grab a real axe and our trainers will show you how to throw it and challenge your friends in several unique games of darts…but with axes! This is the type of pulse-pounding, adrenaline filled-fun that is great for both team building and amusement!

We’ve partnered with our neighbors Lucky Axe Throwing Atlanta in a duo entertainment package. Experience back-to-back games of a 1- hour escape room and a 1-hour axe throwing game. Did we mention the add-on is just $10 more per person?!

All you have to do is select the add-on during the checkout process, and we’ll schedule you in! (Minimum 4 people to play a game)

306 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, GA 30303