Every year we all have one special day in common, our BIRTHDAY!!
Every week, tons of lucky birthday guys and gals choose to spend their special day at
Atlanta Room Escape!

This special group of girls were completely surprised to find that as soon as they escaped the room, they instantly dove into a customized birthday bash!

One party goer exclaimed, “This is so cool! Literally, the entire building is all about you!”
The birthday girl’s mom was also very pleased with how the event played out, “This is great. Thank you guys so much. This is really special.”

We take it upon ourselves to collect as much information from the party thrower as possible to set up an ultimate birthday surprise. As the guests exit from their themed room, they instantly walk in to our lobby that is specifically tailored to celebrate the birthday guest’s special day.

Happy Birthday banners, framed photo favorites, pizza, gourmet cupcakes and a gift table!

We pride ourselves on making a great day, a perfect day!
We hope you’ll spend your next birthday with us too!
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