“Ahhhhh I did it, I did it!” screeched Emily as she feverishly tried to open the chess table in The Paranormal escape room.

ICYMI, Little Women: Atlanta featured Room Escape Atlanta in their episode titled, “Escape from Atlanta.” It aired on April 12 and you can still catch this episode on Lifetime until July 16!  What an amazing time these “little” women had while filming an episode of their program at Room Escape…unfortunately, the drama still brewed between cast members.

In an attempt to heal her rift with Juicy, Minnie brings the girls together for an Escape Room bonding exercise, but Juicy has other ideas. As news of Nico’s confession spreads through the group, Tanya gears up for a dramatic confrontation with her ex!

We are such fans of Little Women: Atlanta and sure hope the ladies work it out and come by to see us again!