We all know just how competitive athletes can get. But we also know that beyond thriving on competition, they are also some of the most collaborative people who know the true spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship.

But how do you think athletes who play so well on the field or court will do when locked in a room together and are given only 60 minutes to break out?

Will their natural ability to work together kick in? Does the captain of the team also make for the best leader in the room?

Does the athlete’s quick decision-making skills give them that competitive edge when solving puzzles?

Do sports teams do better in these scenarios because they’ve been in high-pressure situations together before?

Is great teamwork the secret to beating the room?

Escape Room Atlanta has hosted some sports teams and we know one thing for sure, sports team sure know how to compete and have fun doing it!

Here are the players from GSU track and field, GSU women’s basketball, GSU volleyball who came to Escape Room Atlanta to challenge our rooms on our home court.

GSU Women’s Basketball team

We’ve also had the Milton Cheerleaders and athletes from The Martial Arts Center come down.

TMA Center Crossfit

The Milton Cheer Team

Women’s Basketball team

And because we love sports here so much, maybe we should host a Sports Day between universities? What do you think? Which team do you cheer for?