When Justin approached Room Escape Atlanta with his plans to propose to his girlfriend and asked for our help, we graciously said “I DO!!” We worked out a way to incorporate the engagement ring into our Trapped in a Room with a Zombie experience.

Through careful planning, we ensured that his girlfriend, Brianna, would be the participant to open the final box. And once the box was opened, she didn’t realize that the ring was waiting for her inside!

So her boyfriend came over, dropped to his knee, and began his beautiful proposal!

And of course, she said “YES!”

Do you want to do something extra special for your loved one and surprise them? At Room Escape Atlanta, we can create a plan that ensures your target is the one who has the honors of opening that final box to reveal a surprise inside.

Not quite ready to pop the big question? It doesn’t have to a marriage proposal! Why not surprise them with tickets to an island getaway or a cruise? Maybe the final box could contain the car keys of a car you’ve just bought for someone who truly deserves it. Or it could be the incredibly special and unique way you tell your husband that you’re expecting a baby! The surprise possibilities are endless!

Just one final question: Do we get an invite to the wedding?? We wish them the best of luck!