The South Hopkins Middle School in Kentucky wanted to reward their students for their stellar performance in school this year! Last month, approximately 60 eighth graders came to Atlanta Escape Room for one of our biggest and most epic events.

It was an incredible team building experience for the students who worked to solve problems together and most importantly, have fun!

The students enjoyed pizza and drinks while solving stimulating riddles. They even challenged each other to dance-offs before diving into what all the kids were anticipating the most – the escape room!

At the end of the escape room experience, each student from the different groups assessed the strengths of their teammates. It allowed them to debrief and understand the escape room dynamics and scenario that they just experienced.

The kids left with some great stories to tell their friends and teachers back at school. We think that the students learned something about themselves that day, how they work with a team under pressure, and how the adrenaline rush actually stimulated their problem-solving skills!

The students of South Hopkins Middle School in Kentucky had an unforgettable experience that was not only exhilarating but also a great learning experience on how to work together.

Team Building at Room Escape Atlanta

Room Escape Atlanta specializes in team building activities that place participants in a unique scenario in which they must rely on each other, their ability to communicate and their creative genius to escape a room.  

Our productions allow people to get a taste of what it would feel like to be on reality TV shows such as Fear Factor, Minute to Win It, Survivor & The Amazing Race while implementing their leadership, communication and problem solving skills that are used in the everyday workplace.

Is your group ready for one of the most high-value team building experiences?

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