Just about every organization recognizes how crucial it is to have teamwork. Without cohesion and collaboration, even companies with the most innovative product and trendiest services will ultimately fail if it is run by a team who clearly cannot work together effectively and happily.

One of the best team-building activities today to challenge just how well your team works together is the popular gaming phenomenon known as “escape rooms.”

Do you think your team has the elements that are crucial to beat an escape room? Do you have common sense, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration? Let us lock you in a room for 60 minutes and find out!

Teams are locked inside themed rooms in an immersive and interactive live action adventure mystery environment with 60-minutes to solve puzzles and look for clues that will unlock the door to freedom.

For many organizations, it’s really an eye-opener on how communication between colleagues is such a crucial element in success. But more than anything, escape rooms are mentally-challenging, exhilarating, and a great time that allows teams to bond and see each other in a fun environment outside of work.

Surprisingly, the smartest person doesn’t always solve the puzzles first or at all! They tend to overthink and not see clues right in front of them. Often, people are pleasantly surprised to see colleagues who are shy at the office come out of their shells and reveal their natural ability to solve riddles and analyze situations or even lead a team who is buckling under the pressure.  

Escape rooms promote team spirit, particularly if other teams are competing in other rooms or will get their chance to try breaking out of the same room. There are plenty of stories to tell back at the office!

Are you an over-thinker, competitive, or excellent with riddles? How are your critical thinking skills under pressure? Deal with frustration well? Gather your team at work together to see whose natural ability to lead shines through and who unites the team when things start to get chaotic.