Oh NOOOO!!! The Boss died! Who killed him?

And the mystery room begins. SignatureFD participated in an Atlanta Room Escape favorite called Oh No! The Boss Died. This is not your typical murder mystery. Yes, the most important person in your company is killed and now the rest of the staff must fight for an hour to figure out who did it. Stopping the killer is easy: solve the clues, puzzles and riddles to open the final briefcase that holds the Killer’s name.

SignatureFD proved to be a fun and energetic bunch. Their boss died a dramatic, over-the-top death and then a host of events followed. The 40 member group split into 4 groups to execute their mission. Along the way several staff members were killed, but all was well when the mystery was solved and the killers were brought to justice.

Team building is an important part of building solid relationships within an organization to help employees work productively together. SignatureFD did an amazing job working together. It’s no wonder their business continues to grow and prosper!

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