Atlanta’s worst snowstorm is fast approaching and your sketchy friend has locked you outside the house! You have 60 minutes to track down your friend and retrieve your spare key before the big bad blizzard makes you its next frozen victim. Can you beat Atlanta’s worst snowstorm?

Your Role:

Your goal: find the phone number to call your sketchy friend who is the only person that knows how to get back inside the house. You can scold them later for leaving you outside, but for now, you have 60 minutes before you’re “frozen.”
Important: The room is not cold

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Why Try This Experience:

Sownmageddon is a challenging room that tests your ability to use all available resources to escape. By putting your brains together, beating this room is totally achievable.

Age Appropriate:

10+ (under 14 need to be accompanied by a paying adult)

# of Participants:

Recommended for 2-6 participants

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