Your Role:

The Boss surprisingly dies an outrageous, over the top death during a company outing (or meeting). The employees have NO idea the event will occur and must spend the  next 60 minutes solving the clues, puzzles and riddles to avenge their boss’s death…or the killers continue to strike!

Why Try This Experience:

Oh NO! The Boss Dies is a fun, interactive team building experience unlike no other. The mystery is kept a secret until the sudden death of their boss kicks off a chain of unexpected events. Bosses are encouraged to keep the event a secret until their death occurs. It’s a fun (and funny) experience for all participants!

# of Participants:

Recommended for 20-100 participants.  This is a simultaneous escape where large groups can work together to solve one mystery.


This event was designed to be brought to the customer. It is perfect for offices, conferences or meeting center.

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