Not the typical team building activity.

The majority of team building activities typically fall into one of two categories:

1. The all day boring retreat with simple role playing exercises centered around trust and improving communication. Or;

2. The occasional happy hour or office potluck social which may be fun but certainly provides little to no real collaboration and camaraderie.

Room Escape Atlanta provides the perfect set of circumstances to bring out participants’ inner strengths as they work under pressure to find the key while escaping before 60 minutes hits. They must work cohesively as a team, communicate efficiently, and think outside the box if they are to solve the myriad of clues, find the key, and escape the room. It’s a race against the clock as every 5 minutes the zombie’s chain is lengthened. With only a 28% survival rate, this exercise is as challenging as it is fun.


A mix of inter and intra personal learning.

In this high pressure apocalyptic zombie survival scenario we use the power of play, combined with clearly defined goals, as a form of inter and intra personal learning. When outside of their comfort zone and faced with a challenge you will be able to quickly identify the various inner strengths individuals within your organization call upon as they find new ways of working together.


We assess your team’s strengths.

Our staff will be observing and analyzing each participant’s actions during the challenge. Their behavior, decisions, communication style, problem solving abilities, and how the handle pressure will be used to identify the category they fall into. After each session, your team will partake in the Curtain Call, where our staff will go over our analysis providing valuable insights into each participant’s’ dominant set of strengths. This session review provides an opportunity for coworkers to learn and understand each other’s strengths and how their talents complement those of others on the team. When employees know and use their strengths in the workplace, they are more engaged, perform better, and report greater job satisfaction.

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[table caption=”Team Skills Necessary to Escape” width=”700″ colwidth=”equal”colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]

Communicate,Leadership,Creativity,Perseverance,Team Work
This challenge is designed to dissolve communication barriers and heighten collaboration by requiring real teamwork. Once the countdown has begun and there is no time for second guessing oneself. With so much going on in the room you must make sure your idea or discovery is heard by the group. Communication skills for all are heightened in this scenario with the added time pressure!,Around 70% of teams nationwide do not escape primarily due to lack of leadership. They simply do not have enough leaders in their group to suggest concepts and decide on a path to follow. It will take more than one strong leader to put everything together as there are multiple tasks that need to be completed simultaneously. This is a unique opportunity to see who in your organization may have hidden leadership capabilities. Teams without leadership get eaten almost every time!,Creative problem solving and the ability to perform under pressure are invaluable skills to have if your team is to solve the multitude of puzzles. Everyone on your team is equal and could very easily hold the creative genius inside of them that is required to find the key. Use your brains or they will be eaten.,With time dwindling on the clock and a series of what appear to be dead end clues it will seem as if your fate is sealed. Those that do ultimately escape have to practice positive thinking and never give up no matter how much time is left. The majority of groups that escape do so with only seconds on the clock yielding ample amounts of adrenaline and excitement! Quitters never win and winners never quit!,Do not make the mistake of thinking you can single handedly mastermind your way through the clues and play hero to the group. You will be dooming everyone to fail as many of the challenges you will face require more than one person to conquer. Similar to those found on the hit TV game show Minute to Win It. Teams that work together – stay alive together!


Get ready to participate in one of the most valued added, adrenaline packed team building session you’ve ever done!