Between the dwindling time, the slew of puzzles, and the hungry zombie we’ve come up with these 3 easy tips on how to make it through alive!


#1. DON’T JUST STAND THERE! There are clues scattered throughout the room. Move, touch, pull, turn, twist and open as many things as you can to find clues.

#2. SHARE YOUR FINDINGS. The only way to solve the puzzles and escape is to put all of the clues together. A safe may take two or three clues to open. Gather your clues in one spot and work as a collaborative unit with the other adventurers to come up with solutions.

#3. STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOMBIE. The Zombie is hungry and he wants to eat you. It is chained to a wall, but don’t get near it. If the Zombie touches you, you will have to sit and no longer will be permitted to search for clues, but you can still participate verbally.