The Rescue II

Challenge Edition

The Story

You awake to find yourself handcuffed and held captive in the depths of Jigsaw’s basement cellar. In his current deceptive scheme, Jigsaw has pit your group against another team to compete for the chance to see who can escape FIRST. It's survival of the fittest!

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The Rules of the game are simple...

Two teams will be held in separate cellars. In order for your group to get out, you must work together to solve the clues and riddles before your counterparts. The first team to accomplish this mission will escape, leaving the losing side to be Jigsaw’s next victims! 

More importantly, the time is short. Your team has exactly 60 minutes. If neither group escapes within this timeframe both lose the game. So this is not only a race against the other team, but also a race against time.

Can your team escape the hands of Jigsaw by being the first to escape before 60 minutes hits? Let the games begin…

Your Role

This is a uniquely designed room that pits two teams against each other to see which group can escape FIRST.  The team that can work together to solve the clues and riddles will obtain the final key, which is shared between the two rooms. Perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed...Life is so precious.


# of Participants: 2-14 participants (Each team can have up to 7 participants)


Age Appropriate: recommended for 10+ (Not appropriate for children 9 and under)

Watch Vanessa of Married at First Sight in The Rescue.

**The clues/answers shared on the program are false and won't help you in your pursuit to outwit Jigsaw.