The Story:

You and your guests have been invited to the anniversary bash of Mr. Francis Fisk, a noted businessman. The attendees include a number of Fisk’s high-society friends, family members, and business associates. These high society sophisticates live in a world of intrigue, gossip, treachery and endless jockeying for social superiority.

Your Role:

Oh no, someone has died. Who did it? Always a night (or day) to remember, your team will have fun stepping into character with their detective hat to out the culprit. With our array of exciting, interactive experiences, participants perform alongside of our actor(s) which forces most to step out of their shell and truly get involved with coworkers and friends on another level.

Why Try This Experience:

This experience is a murder mystery that we will bring to your event to add excitement and fun. When it’s combined with dinner, no longer do you have to decide between going to eat or a show first, because the mystery can be delivered together.

Age Appropriate:

Recommended for 13+

# of Participants:

12-75 participants


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*This event is not offered at Room Escape. It is designed to be facilitated at outside venues.