Halloween Escape Room: Can you escape?

Halloween is here! We’ve joined in on the fun and are offering our thrilling escape rooms as an option for you to do during this season. If you are looking for an adrenaline filled, laughing-good-time

Summer Team Building: Get Out and About With Your Team

Despite the summer months no longer meaning a long vacation as it did during school days, adults still think of summer fondly, remembering fun and carefree days with family and friends. This is why the

Room Escape on Married at First Sight

David and Vanessa are both participating in two different escape room scenarios at Room Escape. Every relationship involves problem solving so this should prove a very unique situation for both of them. Have you ever

Lifetime’s Little Women Atlanta Try Their Hand at Escaping

"Ahhhhh I did it, I did it!" screeched Emily as she feverishly tried to open the chess table in The Paranormal escape room. ICYMI, Little Women: Atlanta featured Room Escape Atlanta in their episode titled, “Escape from Atlanta.” It

Sports Team Edition: GSU Women’s Basketball Escape Room Challenge

We all know just how competitive athletes can get. But we also know that beyond thriving on competition, they are also some of the most collaborative people who know the true spirit of teamwork and

She said “YES!”: A Special Marriage Proposal Escape

When Justin approached Room Escape Atlanta with his plans to propose to his girlfriend and asked for our help, we graciously said "I DO!!" We worked out a way to incorporate the engagement ring into

Reunited – And It Feels So Good!

While people are mostly excited to see old friends and classmates that they haven’t seen in ages, some might feel anxious and worry that because they haven’t spoken in so long, they may not know

Atlanta Escape Room Gets Invaded By 60 Eighth Graders!

The South Hopkins Middle School in Kentucky wanted to reward their students for their stellar performance in school this year! Last month, approximately 60 eighth graders came to Atlanta Escape Room for one of our

3 Brainteasers and Riddles: Think Outside the Box II

Love brainteasers and riddles? Room Escape is full of them, and you’ll need to be good at solving puzzles if you want to escape from the room in an hour or less. Here are 3

Retaining Employees by Focusing on Teamwork

There’s no denying that the work world has changed. Gone is the generation of employees that stick to one job their entire professional lives, garnering loyalty awards every 5 years until the day they retire