For the Month of October we have reconstructed our entire location into the greatest haunted experience in Georgia! We have created and transformed our escape rooms into some of the most awesome scenes from your favorite and most popular horror films.

We would like to provide a family friendly yet fun and adventurous way to bring in the Halloween season that peaks everyone´s interest! The theme for the month is “Nightmare on Auburn Ave.”  “People love these type of movies and we want to give them exactly what they want.” says Director of Operations, Joy Christina.

Filled with suspense and  terror, during this time we will be presenting a brand new escape room ¨Paranormal¨, where you are faced with a series of paranormal events and your team must work together with guidance from the previous tenants to solve the clues and riddles that will help you escape the ghostly being.

We will also premier ¨Chainsaw¨ the legend of leather face, where  you must  withstand his mind games and find a way into the safe house before he makes you his next victim. How exciting is that!

We will continue the fan favorite ¨The Rescue¨, giving you 4 hostages, 60 minutes and only 1 chance to save them! While we can’t forget about our most popular escape room ¨Trapped in a Room With a Zombie¨ where you are tasked with a hankering zombie just waiting to have your brains for dinner. This years haunted experience is expected to draw an enormous crowd,  calling it an experience you do not want to miss.