Innovative. Hard-working. Charming. These three words aren’t even enough to describe Game Master extraordinaire Charlene Mayne—you know her as Char.

On our reviews, customers rave: “Char was the best!” “Char was an EXCELLENT game lead!” “Char was amazing!” So instead of leaving you in absolute mystery (although that’s our specialty) we decided to do a quick highlight to finally place a name with a face!

As a game master, Char’s favorite thing is to meet new people and be part of the escape experience. She’s best known for leading The Rescue though she’s well versed in all of our rooms. She loves the way it makes people speculate everything, and the angst they feel as time is running out!

In her free time, Char likes to watch anime, play problem-solving games and go to kickboxing classes. Both sides of her family are involved in Pro Wrestling, so she’s a second generation wrestler-in-training!

When asked what she wanted readers to know, Char responded,

“I’ve won single-card Solitaire in 17 seconds… Is there anyone that can beat my time?”

Be sure to give Char a shout out on your next visit!

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